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IMG_7401 I just moved to New York City, Brooklyn to be exact, from Denver with my husband and 2 year old daughter, Cosette.  It has been a huge change for our growing family, but a good one.  Since we’ve arrived, about a month ago, I have had to set up my new kitchen in my new much smaller apartment.  I really needed to maximize efficiency in this smaller space.  Doing this exercise has made me think abIMG_7426out how to set up a vegan friendly kitchen.  You don’t have to move to get a fresh start on your kitchen but I think it’s important to do a reset, and clean out your pantry a few times a year.  I know I had a few things in my kitchen that were leftover from houseguests, or trips to the store when I was craving sugar, that I was happy to get rid of when I moved.  As the center of our homes our kitchens can really collect things that shouldn’t be there, and they can be inhibitors to healthy cooking.

It has been so nice to have an opportunity to build my vegan kitchen from a clean slate.  Here is a link I used to pull together my must have items for my new kitchen, I found this list to be the most thorough.  I know that there are no animal products, and very little sugars and oils in my pantry now. Whether you have been a vegan for a long time, or just starting to make the switch, it can be so helpful to do an entire kitchen clean up, or at least just the pantry.  After I finished setting up my vegan kitchen I wanted to include some inspiration. I ended up buying a small plant-pot of fresh herbs, just the smell of it has me excited for a summer of cooking new dishes in my new kitchen.