The Amazing Benefits of Turmeric

Adding Turmeric is one of Dr. Michael Greger’s Top Spice Recommendations in his New York Times bestselling book, “How Not To Die.” This video shares a short list, gleaned from 5,000 papers on its newly observed and much appreciated health-giving characteristics.

Search Turmeric videos on website and pull up a gazillion videos on its beneficial properties!

Turmeric is a Healing Spice. This is a condensed list of new found uses. This list becomes even more impressive in its whole food form.

• The Prevention and Treatment of Lung Disease

• The Prevention and Treatment of Brain Disease

• In treating a variety of cancers to include skin, colon and pancreatic cancers

• The orange pigment, curcumin, is showing benefits for a speedier recovery after surgery.

• A very effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, performing better than the leading choice of drugs.

• It also has been effective in treating Osteoarthritis and inflammatory conditions such as Lupus and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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