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Why Almost Vegan?

I chose the name “Almost Vegan” as a welcoming sign, to my home and my kitchen. All the food I prepare is vegan but many of my students who attend class are not. They come for a variety of reasons, sometimes they come to re-fresh their day to day cooking, learn new recipes or simply improve their diet. Because our diet is a part of us, I have always wanted everyone to feel comfortable, unintimidated, and enjoy the process of learning something new. I found great joy in discovering a plant based diet and I share the story and education through the preparation of food. When I began eating this way, it was an awakening for me and my entire family on many different levels. We all started to feel better and my husband even eliminated medication. It didn’t stop there. The journey just continued. Almost Vegan Cooking School is a new idea, a new approach to eating and an extraordinary journey I hope you won’t miss.

I completed the Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell University, taught by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, author of “The China Study” the most comprehensive study of nutrtion ever conducted. I created this cooking school to bridge the gap from a meat centered diet to a diet loaded with plants. It was designed as a gradual, fun approach to help with this transition and I provide the tools you need to succeed.

Almost Vegan Cooking School is my heart, my hand, and my home. I hope you will join me in a future cooking class and become part of the Almost Vegan Family.

All my best,

Deborah Devore